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About Dew Drop Calender

The Dew Drop Calendar is the annual calendar published bu "Dew drop Aqatic Systems". The photoshoot for the same had been conducted at some of the beautiful creations of Dew Drop Aqatic Systems. Photographer Asutosh Sahu (Nikon Official Mentor) & Swagat Baral, Co-founder of Dew Drop Group are credited with creating the idea of the annual Dew Drop Calender. It has been distributed among the eminent personalities of Orissa, Chhattisgarh & neighbouring states; who are famous for their contribution towards the socity in Entrepreneurship, Arts & Literature, Cinema, Sports, Social Activity or Politics. From 2018 onwards, Dew Drop has got plans to conduct a model hunt for the calender and in search of a suitable media house for the same.

Some behind-the-lens clicks from the Shoot :